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Home buyers and real estate agents shared the best home buying advice they’ve ever heard:


If you’re house hunting, you’re probably getting snowed with advice from well-meaning friends and family members on which neighborhoods are hot, how so-and-so is selling a place you have to see … and plenty more. That’s all fine if you have an insatiable appetite for info, but what if you’re a bit more discerning about the tips and tricks you want delivered your way?

We asked home buyers and real estate agents to share not just any old advice, but the very best home buying advice they’ve ever heard. These tips can help you save money, keep you from losing money, and stop you from making a real estate purchase you regret. So pay attention, dear home buyers!

Buy less house than you can afford … just in case

“Growing up, my parents bought several homes, and one of the lessons my mother, a civil service worker and longtime beautician, instilled in me was never to buy more house than you can afford. This came back to me when my husband and I bought our home 26 years ago. When our first real estate agent learned my husband was retired from the military and had a second career at a prestigious local hospital, she suggested we could afford a much larger, more expensive house than we told her we were seeking. We stuck to our desire not to be ‘house rich and cash poor.’ That decision came in handy when I was laid off from my job and we were still able to make our payment.”